Our Valuable Team Members

Sarah Wong

Managing Director
Direct Dial 01482 319200
Email sarah@codys.info

On the 01st May 2019 Sarah purchased Codys after working for the company since 2008. Sarah started working for the company as an office apprentice and has passed several NVQ qualifications to be successfully promoted within the company to her current position.  Sarah has a wealth of knowledge of the industry and is capable of dealing with matters relating to all aspects of the company Sales, Rentals, Property Management, Maintenance, Property Sourcing and much more.

Sophie Young

Sophie Young

Property Specialist
Direct Dial 01482 319211
Email city@codys.info

Sophie focuses on dealing with our property maintenance and ensuring that all of our properties are being looked after. She has excellent communication skills and often spends time out of office visiting our properties. Sophie is fully trained in both Sales and Rentals and enjoys working for the company.

Amy Carroll

Property Specialist
Direct Dial 01482 319200
Email east@codys.info

Amy specialises in our Tenancies she arranges and schedules tenancy sign ups, move ins, contract renewals and evictions. Amy came to the company studying an apprentice in Business and Administration. Amy has progressed within the company and now is an expert in her role.

Jeremy SW Wong

Business Consultant
Direct Dial 01482 319213
Email jeremy@codys.info

On 1st October 2007 my rollercoaster ride with Codys started. It was the old Remington shaver scenario, I was buying that many properties from Codys, I bought the Company that was started by the fabulous Sam Cody and was the first port of call for many investors when buying in Hull.
I have some fabulous times, some sad and some tragic experiences but unfortunately, old age and ill health has crept up on me.
As I am currently recovering from surgery, I have decided that my time in this business is coming close to its natural end and I am trying to assist in brokering a deal that will see new ownership, new blood and new ideas invigorating the Codys brand.
It is therefore with a tear in my eye that I formally resign as the Managing Director of Codys, I will remain in some limited capacity for the short term as a Business Consultant and to ensure that my loyal landlords, tenants, business acquaintances and friends are looked after.
I thank you all for your business.

Stuart Challender

Stuart Challender

Consultant Works and Maintenance Manager
Direct Dial 01482 448448
Email sbw@codys.info

Stuart has a wealth of management and health and safety qualifications coupled with thirty years’ experience with some large national Companies. Although Stuart oversees and manages all of our works, he is very much hands on and can frequently be found conducting works himself should an emergency arise and our building expertise be required.


Our newest addition to the team, Siggy meets everyone who comes into the office and vocally gives his opinion of all visitors! Will he like you?